Chapter 6 - Highlights

A visual accompaniment to an in-person workshop, "Building Your Microsoft 365 Training Program From The Inside" at the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference (Spring 2021)

Sean Bugler | @sbglr | June 11, 2021, 9:00AM PST
Image courtesy of Daria Nepriakhina |

How do you go about gathering insights on what areas need training?

  • Go through LMS
  • Users have to identify the training they're interested in, and ask for it
  • Popular/generic skill classes run regularly
  • During development goal formation, asking what skills an employee is interested in developing

How can you determine what people are interesting in learning?

  • Surveys (Personal Development Plans, Landing Pages on SharePoint)
  • Individual development plans
  • Recent business process changes/updates
  • Going out to the field and identifying those real world use cases