Chapter 3 - Highlights

A visual accompaniment to an in-person workshop, "Building Your Microsoft 365 Training Program From The Inside" at the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference (Spring 2021)

Sean Bugler | @sbglr | June 11, 2021, 9:00AM PST
Image courtesy of Markus Spiske |

What value might a Microsoft 365 developer tenant have for you personally? As an organization?

  • There's value in seeing everything that's possible, even if we're not all there yet. Help to avoid it being new for everyone all at once.
  • Turn on Targeted Release so you can see upcoming features well in advance of your own organization
  • Sovreign clouds get to see upcoming features WELL in advance (when things are broken, you can see what it's actually supposed to look like)
  • Courage to test new things "safely"
  • To actually validate changes in advance, to ensure things will work as expected.
  • No personal information when recording content or running live trainings

How do you manage developing and deploying in Microsoft 365?

  • While there's no easy way to do so, but a good rule of thumb to develop and test in some form of a developer or test tenant, but to tread lightly when re-creating in production.
  • NO LOAD TESTING in Micrsoft 365