Chapter 2 - Highlights

A visual accompaniment to an in-person workshop, "Building Your Microsoft 365 Training Program From The Inside" at the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference (Spring 2021)

Sean Bugler | @sbglr | June 11, 2021, 9:00AM PST
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How would you describe what an organizational training program is?

  • Should present best practices, and security of company IP/PII
  • Well structured, and oriented towards specific job roles
  • A way to encourage changes in behavior (e.g., more productive, use more of the available tools)
  • Teach people how to be self-sufficient

You can't have best practices without practice


To you, what are the core "must-have" components of a training program?

  • Informative and entertaining/engaging
  • A variety of ways to engage/learn (e.g., handouts AND videos, podcast)
  • Remote-friendly options, Flexible

Have you personally benefited from an organization training program? What was valuable to you? What stands out?

  • Feeling invested in (personally and professionally), supported by an organization
  • Someone leading the program, evangelizing and garnering excitement
  • Long-term engagement (not just one-and-done) and other ways of making these efforts feel like a "team-effort"
  • Gamifying and other milestone achievements