Chapter 1 - Getting Warmed Up

A visual accompaniment to an in-person workshop, "Building Your Microsoft 365 Training Program From The Inside" at the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference (Spring 2021)

Sean Bugler | @sbglr | June 11, 2021, 9:00AM PST
Image courtesy of Clay Banks |

What are we doing here?

Unlike conference sessions, workshops are an opportunity to get your hands dirty. To try things for yourselves. To see what works, and what doesn't.

They're also an opportunity to meet people in other industries, other companies, other situations, and learn right alongside them.

Building Your Microsoft 365 Training Program From The Inside was designed to help regular people kick-start (or revive) their organizations training infrastructure.

I'm worried I'm going to forget everything.

Notes aren't really my strong suit, which isn't great when I'm sitting through multiple hours of content. That's why I created this written companion.

I can't promise it will be exhaustive. After all, a big part of any workshop experience is going to be the conversations we have along the way. But I'm hopeful it will be a useful supplement, and something you can come back to and find value in.

Introduce yourself

Workshops are as long as we make them (within reason, I've got a flight to catch).

One a sure fire way to maximize the value you get from these experiences is to get to know the people here with you.

After all, you already have something in common: You're here. Whether you're in-person or joining us virtually, click the button below to introduce yourself.

Click here to introduce yourself

Once the warm-up discussions have wrapped up, click the button below to proceed to Chapter 2.